How to walk with poles, the right way!

Some people think that Nordic Walking doesn't require much knowledge or even a special technique, but many people have difficulty coordinating different movements. Left foot forward and right arm forward...or...was it the other way round!

By learning the right technique from the beginning, you'll discover a natural coordination of movement. It will be like a "eureka" experience.

Just do like this.

- Start by fastening your hand in the specially designed glove. Often these are marked L and R for left and right.

- Walk with the poles dragging along the ground. Put your foot down with the heel first and roll over onto your toes.

- Your shoulders should be loose and relaxed. Look straight ahead. - Take hold of your poles. - Push the pole backwards.

- The pole is placed against the ground at an angle of 30-40 degrees (this is very important)

- Remember that in Nordic Walking you have a diagonal gait. - Now you have a basic understanding of how to walk with your poles, called Nordic Walking.