The aim, with this Nordic Walking Academy site, is to inspire everybody to exercise with walking poles.

Children and teenagers can be encouraged to exercise in a playful and stimulating way and use the poles in different activities both in and out of school. Training with poles is good for returning to work after a period of illness. With its easy tempo, low intensity and minimal stress, it's a perfect form of rehabilitation.

Interval training, endurance, flexibility and strength are the focus of performance training. Nordic Walking raises this to a new level. Pole aerobics gives all-round training and a wide range of movements.

Music helps to maintain the tempo and reinforce movements. Get ready for a real workout. A pair of poles is a good, inexpensive investment and can help your training.

Regard training with poles as part of a long-term project for improving your quality of life over the long-term.

Ingbritt Ekman and Ronny Karlsson are recognised as the most experience Nordic Walking experts in Europe. They are also authors for some of the best selling books in Nordic Walking.

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